Panoramic Digital X-ray

The condition of the wisdom teeth, bone disorders of the mandible and maxilla, and other information of the oral cavity can be seen clearly with a single full mouth digital x-ray. The process takes less than 17 seconds, and the amount of radiation released is held to a minimum and safe to the body.






Digital X-rays Information

Information such as tooth structure, shape of the root, condition of the bone surrounding the tooth, fit of the restoration, and other areas which can not be seen visually, can be clearly detected with the digital x-ray. The size of the cavity and problem areas can also be magnified for a more comprehensive study. The process takes less than 2 seconds, and the amount of radiation released is minimal.




Scan X Intraoral Digital Imaging System

Using a highly photo-stimulated phosphor storage plates (PSP), the Scan X system can develop several intraoral images at the same time in less than 2 minutes. With rounded corners and 10 times thinner than the hard sensors, these wafer-thin plates are light, soft, and come in different sizes to perfectly adjust to the patient’s comfort for a more pleasing experience.




Soft-tissue Laser – Ezlase

The Ezlase offers precise control of tissue cutting for different procedures and gum biotypes. It can be used to treat periodontal disease and endodontic cases. The procedure is painless, and because of its ability to disinfect, cut, and create less bleeding, the healing rate of the tissue is very fast.






A Computer-Controlled Dental Injection Device

Most shots at the dental office hurt mainly because the anesthetic is injected in too quickly. When using a computer-controlled dental injection device, the flow rate of the local anesthetic is controlled by a computer, and therefore the injection is guaranteed to be slow, steady, and less painful to the patient.


Dental Health

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